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E-Com Specialistic ERP

Everything an ecommerce store owner yearns for!

Smart CEO's

Running an ecommerce store has never been this easier. Whether you are an experienced CEO or a business-minded housewife, you can set up your own ecommerce store with Impaktt. Powered by cutting-edge BI and AI technology and packed with features solving all business-related problems, Impaktt is a one of its kind E-Com Specialist ERP that makes running an online store a cinch.

Turn Raw Data into Valuable Insights

Outperform your competitors by having relevant business data at your fingertips. Be it inventory or sales, you can have an eye on every inch and operation of your store. Moreover, with smooth and error-free inventory synchronization, you can rest assured of preventing common issues, such as double selling the products. We merge machine learning with e-commerce to scale profitability and productivity by assisting users through recommendation based on predictive behavior analysis.

Upsell More With Product Recommendations

We merge machine learning with e-commerce. If you customers like a product, you can recommend similar products to them and guide them about other options available. This makes the whole retailing process time-consuming, error-free, and more personalized, making your customers delighted. Remember, better customer experience leads to greater leads.

Manage Inventory Like A Pro

Never get out of stock again. based on AI, our warehouse management solutions prevent issues like over or understocking. It allows you to balance the supply chain by setting auto reorder quantity, and automate all the tasks from data collection to reporting, while minimizing storage cost. With instant stock visibility and product grouping, Impaktt churn down online store management.